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Prices will vary in stores. All items on the website are our online pricing and will need to be purchased through our online store, all items are not in store and may have to be ordered and could take 2-4 business days to receive in store. 

We have many products that are not listed online, if you do not see what you are looking for please contact us at 517-655-1803 during business hours to help us better assist you 


  • Heavy Duty Rear Shocks, BM26308

    Key features Higher spring rate and higher preload force versus standard springs prevent the vehicle from sagging with a heavy payload, such as with a cab, sprayer, or spreader Recommended when installing a cab, sprayer, or spreader, or when...

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  • Back-up Alarm Kit, BM24726

    The back-up alarm kit alerts pedestrians when the Gator™ is operating in reverse: Includes alarm, mounting brackets, wire harness, and reverse switch (if not already installed) Conforms to SAE J994 performance specifications for a Type D alarm...

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  • Backup Alarm, BM23369

    A must for any worksite, the backup alarm kit alerts pedestrians when the Gator™ is operating in reverse. This kit includes an alarm, mounting bracket, wire harness, and switch. Does not include grease. Compatible with model year 2012-current Gator XUV...

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  • Base Radio Kit , BUC10615

    Key features Kit includes: Wiring harness AM/FM antenna Head unit mounting bracket Two 13.3-cm (5.25-in.) speakers Jensen® speakers Waterproof 45-W root mean square (RMS) power each 135-W peak power each The head unit...

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  • Beacon Light Harness Kit, BM26182

    Beacon light harness kit (shown on Gator™ XUV560) The beacon light harness kit is required when installing the beacon light. The kit includes the switch to mount in the operator protection system (OPS) switch bank and wire...

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  • Beacon Light Kit, BM26185

    Key features 76-mm (3-in.) round, light-emitting diode (LED) strobe light provides excellent visibility for vehicle bystanders Especially useful for working around properties and job sites Acrylic amber lens resists scratching and...

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  • Brake and Tail Light Kit, BM24591

    The integrated brake and taillight kit offers an updated, stylish design in addition to being highly visible in all light conditions.  Compatible with: Model year 2011 - 2017 Gator™ XUV 625i, XUV 825i, and XUV 855D Utility...

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  • Brake, tail, reverse lights, BM26394

    The integrated brake and taillight kit offers an updated stylish design in addition to being highly visible in all light conditions. NOTE: For model year 2018 and newer HPX615 and HPX815 Utility Vehicles, the reverse lights will not illuminate...

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